The development of EUCAN estimates was funded by the Cancéropôle Lyon, Auvergne, Rhone-Alps (CLARA), the local authorities of the Rhone Department and the Greater Lyon Area, the European Commission (DG Sanco and DG Research) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The aim of EUCAN is to disseminate country-specific information on cancer burden, which is derived from data collected by the existing cancer registries and from the WHO mortality database. A standard methodology was employed to estimate comparable cancer burden indicators across cancer sites and countries to bridge a potential lack of data for a defined year and population. The estimates provided on the EUCAN website may differ from those provided by national bodies because of possible differences in methodology and data sources. The national sources of data can be accessed on this website through the Links page. The EUCAN website is administered by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

History of updates

EUCAN was first launched with the support of Clara and DG Sanco on 5th May 2009 at a different address (http://eu-cancer.iarc.fr) and contained European cancer estimates for 27 EU member states and 25 cancer sites in year 2008.

The second edition of this site was published in June 2010. The statistics were provided for three additional countries (Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) as well as an overview of the screening practices across the European Union.

The current website address http://eco.iarc.fr was first launched on 10 September 2012 in the framework of the EUROCOURSE project. The 2008 estimates were expanded to cover 40 European countries.

The current 2012 estimates for 40 countries and 25 cancer sites were launched on 4th February 2013 as one of the EUROCOURSE deliverables.

Update (21 Jan. 2015) The method used to estimate breast and prostate cancer incidence data for France resulted in high estimates. Consequently we have now applied the estimated incidence rates for 2012 as published by the National Cancer Institute and the French Institute of Public Health Surveillance (InVS). These changes slightly affect the two regional estimates which include France and their corresponding prevalence estimates. The relevant results are used in the EUCAN database.

Erratum An error in the estimated mortality data for Estonia was reported and confirmed. The changes affect mortality estimates for Estonia, EU-27 and Europe. The corrected data was uploaded on 03/11/2014. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Previously published European estimates

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